diving lampedusa
diving lampedusa

Wild tuna is a diving center on the island of Lampedusa located at the new port with a welcoming space where you will find a prepared and available crew. The diving offers new Aqualung and Apeks equipment and an outdoor relaxing area to stay all together.

Our boat is designed for diving and is equipped with recharging materials on board. Additionally, the boat is practical for divers to dress and enter the water, and is also comfortable for those who simply want to relax on board.

We offer recreational courses and guided dives in the crystal clear waters of the Pelagie. We organize full day excursions with lunch on board on the island of Lampedusa and Lampione, independent or guided snorkelling with our marine biologist, try scuba for those who want to venture into the underwater world. For the more curious, we also offer courses in marine biology.

The dives for both beginners and more experienced take place inside the marine protected area of Pelagie, a place where cetaceans and pelagic fish, biodiversity oasis and suggestive morphology with colored walls, caves and siphons can be found.

For a complete relaxed holiday, Wild Tuna offers transportation, assembly and equipment rinsing services. 



2-4-5 dives every day according to the period:

HALF DAY morning    departure at 9:00 and return at 13:00  2 dives

                   afternoon departure at 15:00 and return at 19:00  2 dives

FULL DAY departure at 9:00 and return at 16:00  2 dives, breakfast, lunch and drinks

NIGHT       departure at 20:15 and return at 22:15    1 dive



Departure: 8.00am - Arrival 16.30   2 dives, breakfast, lunch and drinks

*Dive includes: Dive Guide, Tank, Boat Passage, Weight, Surface Assistant, Oxygen Kit.


Extraordinary visibility and a unique biodiversity, with the coexistence of typical Mediterranean species, Atlantic influences and tropical influences entering from the Suez Canal. Starting from the biggest: fin whale, passing in winter, the gray shark, which stays in Lampione during the summer, different species of dolphins and sea turtles. Then groupers, amberjack, dentex, barracudas, tuna, dolphinfish, greenfish, scorpion fish, black seabream, corb, moray eels, lobsters, magnose, stingrays, garfish, owl fish, etc.

Alien species of African origins now widespread are rabbit fish and parrotfish, while the Atlantic comes two species of carangidae, the flute fish, the triggerfish and finally the Atlantic crab. Coralligene formations on rocky walls like sea daisies, alcionarias, madrepores enrich caves and walls of color together with encrusting sponges and axinels. Among the hydrozoans it is possible to see several species of nudibranchs. There’s a great variety of underwater environments: sandy, rocky, walls, caves, siphons and shoals, open to all levels of experience, from the beginner to the technical diver.


Try the experience of diving in a fun and safe way with a qualified instructor.

Short lesson on the basic principles of diving, signals and the use of diving equipment and 30 minutes of diving. Depth max -10m. Minimum age 10 years. Complete equipment included.


A Marine Biologist will show you the flora and fauna of the Marine Protected Area of the Pelagie and then guide you to the discovery of the seabed. No age limits. Snorkel kit included.


1st STAR - Open Water Scuba Diver

The course provides the necessary information on underwater safety and on the use of ARA equipment. The patent issues the qualification for -18 meters.

Requirements: Minimum age 14 years. Medical Certification.

2nd STAR - Advanced Experience

This level characterizes an expert diver and explores issues such as deep diving, night, cave, wreck and altitude. The patent issues the qualification for -39 meters.

Requirements: Minimum age 15 years. Medical Certification. At least 20 certified dives, of which 10 are over 10 m depth. 1st star certificate.

3rd STAR - Dive Guide

Supervisor level for a group of divers: it is a very in-depth course on the issues related to safe diving, rescue techniques and driving of a group of diving divers.

Requirements: Minimum age 16 years. Agonistic Medical Certification. At least 40 certified dives, of which 20 over 30 m depth. Patents: 2nd star - BLS-D - Oxygen Provider.